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Freiburg im Breisgau


Here we want to give you a brief impression of the beautiful city of Freiburg and give you something historical for the journey ...

... please excuse any deficiency but this part is still under constuction ...

The first mention

The first mention of settlements in the area of ​​today Freiburg, Wiehre, "Zähringen" and Herder, is found in a document dating back to 1008th To build the Zähringer 1091 Duke Bertold II, the Castrum de Friburch (ruin Leopoldsburg) on the castle hill. The settlement of the servants and craftsmen at the foot of the mountain gave Bertold's son Conrad in 1120, the market and municipal law. In place of the now led to a little church Bertold V in 1200 the spacious building of the present cathedral, which was mainly financed by the proceeds of the silver mines in the Black Forest, which contributed significantly to the prosperity of the citizens of Freiburg.

Freiburg today

Freiburg has an easily accessible location, the attractive landscape and particularly the universities and research institutions are increasingly a popular city for conventions, trade shows and conferences, in particular by the Freiburg Concert Hall and the Messe Freiburg. The international city tourism plays a strong role.
1986 the city hosted the seventh national garden show in Baden-Wuerttemberg, which was responsible for the development of the western districts of great importance and also the establishment of the ecological station meant. The attractiveness of Freiburg led to a sharp increase in population, which requires the removal of old and construction of new residential areas. In 1992 a French garrison abandoned the premises of the former was the internationally attended Vauban-/Schlageter-Kaserne Vauban. In 1993 the cornerstone was laid for the new district landfill.
In 1996 the city's population of 200,000 inhabitants. Among these, approximately 30,000 students who study at the University and four other universities.

Festival´s in Freiburg

In the course of the year in Freiburg hosts many cultural festivals, such as in February, the photo-festival Mundologia, an open-air theater sports festival, the International Dance Festival, [19] in the summer since 1983, the International Tent Music Festival , the feast of the courtyards with a wide range of early music, classical music to world music, as well as many other special events in Freiburg. Every two years in May, with the Freiburg filmforum a renowned Festival of the ethnographic film instead. Since 2001, near Freiburg on Tunisee annually in July, the Music Festival Sea of ​​Love instead. Sea of ​​Love was 2011 with 25,000 visitors to the Southside Festival in Neuhausen Ob Eck meistbestuchte the Music Festival in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The Freiburg Theatre

The Freiburg Theatre is a three-division theater which plays, musical theater and ballet. It will be played three stages: The Big House, the theater and chamber theater. Special occasions are still the "work space" and the wintering-foyer. The dance troupe pvc (physical virus collective) occurs as a cooperative project of the theaters in Freiburg and Heidelberg alike. The Philharmonic Orchestra performs in the concert hall.

Like most cities, operated by the Freiburg theater house because of the large municipal financial problems forced cutbacks is subject. Despite this, the trade journal "The German stage" according to a survey of theater critics, the Freiburg Municipal Theatre on 1 Rank for the "unusually compelling theater work outside large centers Theatre" award (Fall 2007).

Freiburg´s museum

Freiburg is home to several city museums that have largely evolved from the former "City Collections". The largest museum in the city is the Augustiner Museum (Museum of Art and Cultural History on the Upper Rhine) at " Augustiner Platz", one of the most important museums in South Baden. One section of the museum is the Augustinians since 1994 Wentzinger house on "Münster Platz", the museum of local history, which deals primarily with the development and construction of Freiburg and the  Freiburg Cathedral. Also on course is the Augustinian Natural History Museum of Fribourg, in which an overview is given of the geology and mineralogy as well as for native fauna and flora. Not only popular amongst children, the exhibition "From Egg to Chick", which is presented annually in the weeks before Easter. Another city museum is a department of the Augustinian Museum opened in 1985, Museum of Contemporary Art in  "Marienstrasse", in the modern and contemporary art, ranging from Expressionism in the early 20th Century to be the current developments in recent years issued. The Archaeological Museum "Colombischlössle"  (formerly Museum of Prehistory and Early History) is located since 1983 in the Colombipark Rotteckring. Focus of the permanent collection are on the prehistoric to the medieval development of Upper and High Rhine. In the museum are offered several times a year on activities for children, where they can test themselves, such as fire in the stone age made ​​pottery or were fired.


Text and image source: Wikipedia